7th Asian Constitutional Law Forum 


Thammasat University Faculty of Law will be organising the 7th Asian Constitutional Law Forum:           ‘Current Issues in Asian Constitutional Law'. The forum will be will be held on 8-9 December 2017          at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand. The general theme covers the following sub-themes;

  1. Current controversies and debates in Asian constitutionalism
  2. Models of constitutional review in Asia;
  3. The monarchy in modern Asian constitutional systems;
  4. The role of morals and virtues in Asian constitutional law;
  5. “Reason of state”, national security and national interest in Asian constitutionalism;
  6. The relationship between constitutional and administrative law: public administration and the constitutional order in Asia; and
  7. Popular constitutionalism in Asia.

Abstracts of papers which do not directly fall within any of the 7 sub-themes above may also be submitted for consideration by the conference organisers.

Intended participants should submit either a paper abstract or a panel proposal. A panel proposal is a proposal to form a panel in which three (or 4) papers would be presented. A panel proposal should include a description of the topic of the panel, and the abstracts of the three (or 4) papers to be presented in the panel. A panel should have three (or 4) speakers each presenting a paper, and one moderator (who would serve as both chair and discussant for the panel.

Abstracts are to be submitted by 30 June 2017.

A committee has been formed which will consider the abstracts, and the authors of approved abstracts will be notified shortly thereafter. The abstract should be not more than 300 words and the author should provide his/ her name, academic appointment or other relevant position, as well as the title of the proposed paper. Participants at the Forum will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. However, conference registration fee will be waived for participants presenting papers at the Forum. Information about accommodation will be provided after registration.

To register your participation, please click HERE.

To submit your abstract please email 7th.asianconlawforum@gmail.com.

Please email the Forum Secretariat at 7th.asianconlawforum@gmail.com for any queries on the registration

About the Asian Constitutional Law Forum

The Forum was first held at the Seoul National University, Korea in 2005; the second meeting was at the Centre for Asian Legal Exchange at Nagoya University in 2007; the third at the College of Law of National Taiwan University in 2009; the fourth at the Centre for Comparative and Public Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong in 2011; the fifth at the Centre for Public Law at Tsinghua University School of Law  in Beijing in 2013; and the sixth at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, NUS.

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